Alert – Proposals are still pending in Ohio Legislature Potentially Restricting Hydraulic Fracturing

April 12, 2012

Four proposals are sitting in the Ohio House & Senate regarding changes to hydraulic fracturing laws. All four have been sent to committee, and involve such matters as salt water disposal, ground water tests, chemical/proppant disclosure, and automatic overrides in hyrdo-fracking wells to be applied to the credit of the clean water restoration fund. One such proposal would impose a moratorium on hydro-fracking until the EPA study on fracking is complete, and thereafter require an analysis of how Ohio’s regulations compare.

Four bills are currently sitting in the Ohio House and Senate, all potentially imposing restrictions on hydraulic fracturing in the state.  Each bill, two of which are in the House and two in the Senate, has been sent to committee for evaluation.

Senate Bill 213 and House Bill 345 mirror one another and would impose a moratorium on horizontal drilling pending an EPA report on potential drinking water issues and an evaluation of how Ohio laws address these issues.

Senate Bill 212 and House Bill 351 are almost identical and would add restrictions on hydraulic fracturing operations, including certain requirements for salt water disposal, groundwater testing, and fracturing fluid composition disclosure.  Each also provides for an overriding royalty interest to be paid into a clean water restoration fund; the Senate version suggests five percent, while the House version proposes seven.

Whether any of these Democrat-proposed bills will be adopted is yet to be seen, but the next step in the process, the committee’s report, should provide insight to the Legislature’s concerns and views.

For the full text of these bills and to track their progress through the Legislature, access the 129th General Assembly’s website.

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